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Hobbs Advisory offers a comprehensive range of Property Development Management Services that covers the entire development process, from the sourcing of properties and preparing development strategies, through to the delivery and sale of a completed project.

We work closely with experienced development management specialists who to establish dynamic project teams, procuring first class contractors and managing every scheme throughout the construction process.

These fully-integrated teams maintain a close and proactive working relationship with clients at every stage of the process, ensuring their involvement in all key core decisions and delivering development solutions that maximise profits.



Our Development Management service provides solutions which ensure a seamless process by offering the following services:


Design and Planning Applications to create the best design and professionalism.

Structural Surveys

Obtain the best quotes and who provide the best professional service.



Employing experienced surveyors to oversee the project from beginning to end whilst

providing a schedule of works for the construction tender process and regular reporting on progress and costings.


Project Management

Employ project managers to oversee the construction and report directly to the client.


Structural Engineers

On-board throughout the project to provide the structural engineering requirements for each development build.


Value Engineering

Hobbs use our in-house team to value engineer each development, starting with the tender process, and due diligence on contractors to ensure the best contracts for our     client and which for most developments will involve JCT Design and Build Contracts


Contract Administration

Arranging for professional companies to oversee the development and build process to ensure costs remain in line with budgets and report direct to the client.


Planning Conditions

Hobbs Advisory will ensure that all the planning conditions on the project are met ready for project completion.

Property Managment

Hobbs Advisory can also offer you a Property Management Service following completion of the project, to protect your investment and ensure your property is carefully managed.



Investment in property continues to be one of the best performing types of financial investment and offers a very viable way for serious investors and entrepreneurs to enhance their wealth and finances.

If you're a national or international investor who is looking to invest in property in the UK and Portugal, then Hobbs Advisory can help you find the right property by sourcing commercial and residential properties to maximise longer-term capital growth, and which are in line with your budget, investment preferences, and agreed property specifications.

Hobbs will source properties which are available to purchase and may be advertised, or not yet on the market.


UK Investors

who wish to start or grow a portfolio and need guidance on which properties to purchase, and support throughout the purchase process

Investors from outside UK (foreign nationals or ex-pats) who have capital to invest and consider the UK property market a stable means of generating low-risk and sustainable income


Take advantage of our offer of a free initial consultation on any of our services you may need for your business, from both a legal and business perspective.


We are here to support and provide guidance not only when your business is having problems, but more importantly, when things are going right!