The choice of funding options available can appear both confusing and convoluted. We use a team of specialists who utilise their experience and knowledge to navigate the market and ensure you receive the right business funding solution, at the right time and at the right price.  With access to specialist lenders covering all corners of the market they can offer competitive, innovative and transparent facilities.



We can offer contractual advice at any stage of a project, with our contractual experts available to help whenever you need it.  Getting contractual advice in the negotiation stages of your contracts can help to protect your business and prevent issues arising down the line.  If a contractual issue does arise, we can offer advice on how to best to resolve your problem in the most cost effective way for your individual situation.



Turnaraound finance supports businesses when they need to make changes. Hobbs Advisory can help to refinance businesses ranging from those that need assistance to implement change and or growth, through to those on the brink of insolvency. Our aim is for your businesses to reach their full potential.

We can assist you by providing ideas for upgrading your exisiting business model, look at ways to improve your turnover and profit, and negotiate extended terms with existing creditors to get you through the tough times.

Turnaround financing is a process unique to each business. Our finance experts identify those which have a solid foundation and future potential and connects them with experts who have experience in the process of finding funding for and reversing the fortunes of at-risk or near-at-risk businesses.

We specialise in turnaround finance for construction companies, golf clubs, leisure, hotels and retail.


From initial procurement, cost advice and budget estimating through to agreeing the final account we can offer a dynamic and professional quantum service. We can prepare contract documentation including Schedules of Works and Bill of Quantities and once a project is underway our experienced team can prepare interim valuations, variation accounts and final accounts, whilst providing Clients with progress, cost and projected cash flow reports.


Hobbs Advisory offer a cost effective debt recovery service which gets results.  Whatever the size of debt, recovery for contractors in the construction industry requires specialist expertise. The complex nature of construction contracts means it is all too easy for contractors and clients to pay less than you are entitled to and/or pay you later than you should be paid. We can advise you on your options and whether to suspend works, walk off site, adjudicate, arbitrate, or litigate.



If your business is facing financial and operational difficulties or potentially insolvency, we will work with our specialist companies to provide you a solution for the best possible outcome for your company's directors and shareholders. We will primarily look at bringing a business back to health and success by looking at all options including new finance, staff restructuring, finding efficiencies and improving business performance. 


Take advantage of our offer of a free initial consultation on any of these areas you may need for your business, from both a legal and business perspective.


We are here to support and provide guidance not only when your business is having problems, but more importantly, when things are going right!